carole The Basics of Distributed Computing: Consensus
Carole Delporte

Univ. Paris Diderot, France


Carole Delporte is alumni of ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure) she holds a PhD in computer sciences from the Université Paris-7 (1983) and HDR in 2001. Her research covers the main aspects of Distributed Computing: in particular, theory of Distributed Computing, Computability and Complexity in distributed computing. She has published  in the main scientific journals and conferences in the domain. With H. Fauconnier she is responsible of the French ANR-Project DISPLEXITY (distributed computing: computability and complexity). She begins as Assistant Professor in Ecole Polytechnique and she is actually Professor in Université Paris-Diderot. She is in charge  of the Master of Computer Science of Université Paris-Diderot.


The ability to solve the consensus problem is at the heart of  distributed fault-tolerant system. We present the consensus problem and how we can use it  to achieve replication.  One of the most important results in distributed computing, known as FLP result is the impossibility of consensus with one faulty process. To circumvent this result several approaches have been used. We focus on two of them: randomization and failure detectors.




March 17, 2017

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